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Members of the media picked LSU to finish third in the SEC West behind Alabama and Auburn and fourth overall, as announced by the conference on Friday:

SEC Championship
1 Alabama
2 Auburn
3 Georgia
5 Florida
6 South Carolina
7 Vanderbilt
8 Arkansas

SEC West
1 Alabama
2 Auburn
4 Arkansas
5 Texas A&M
6 Mississippi State
7 Ole Miss

SEC East
1 Georgia
2 Florida
3 Tennessee
4 South Carolina
5 Kentucky
6 Vanderbilt
7 Missouri
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Just hoping somebody beats Bama. I can count on LSU losing 3-5 games. It worry Bama will win them all. Here's to bus wrecks
Reply8 days
That came out wrong due to autocorrect.
8 days
Sounds about right.
Reply8 days
Once an Alabama player said he looked forward and was excited to play against LSU every year because they didn't have to really practice because every year the Tigers did the same old thing, they didn't change anything. Well this year will be a hell of a lot different because of the offense OC Matt Canada will be implementing and the real fact that Coach O do not fear Nick Saban at all. Look I was a huge fan of Les Miles a really good dude but everybody have to admit after that 2011 Championship game he was intimidated by little Nicky and I don't know why but it's a fact. So with our new offense and our still dominate defense I think that same ol', same ol' LSU football is a thing of the past and we're going to surprise a lot of people this up coming season. So third in the SEC West is definitely a little low if we don't beat Bama then we're finish second no doubt about it and I believe our chances against Bama this year is strong. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!PURPLEREIGN??????????
Reply9 days
Yea, ok. L7U.
9 days
I don't have a problem with this. It's an improvement from under Miles.
Reply10 days
Ho hum....the more things change, the more things stay the same. Bama has the better coach and better players year in and year out. If we ever beat them again while Saban is there it'll be a fluke.
Reply10 days
Too high
Reply10 days
Georgia gets so overhyped every single season.
Reply10 days
So Tennessee will finish ahead of USCe but will not finish in the SEC standings?
Reply10 days
That looked weird to me too. The division order is a regular ranking of the 7 teams with weighted points. But the SEC Champion list is just one vote each for the overall winner. USCe, Vandy, and Arkansas each had one vote. I don't think that champion list works very well as the consensus for the "overall" finish.
10 days
Seems a little optimistic for our assistant coach posing as a HC...
Reply11 days
It worked for Les for 11 years.
10 days
Frick auburn. They beat us on a fluke last year. Won't happen again
Reply11 days
Sounds about right. I think Ole Miss will surprise some people though. Don't think they'll be dead last. Wouldn't be surprised if they were third and we were fourth.
Reply11 days
BS Tigers win the West
Reply11 days
This is my prediction except I have a hard time deciding between UF and UGA at the top of the heap in the East. I have LSU losing to Bama, Auburn, and UF.
Reply11 days
Ridiculous! Georgia won't get past Florida. Auburn won't beat LSU. And the Tigers will topple the tide in Tuscaloosa! We then skull drag the gators in the SEC Championship en route to the playoffs and a NC for Coach O! Silencing all the critics! Les Miles returns as AD! Why not?
Reply11 days
Sounds good but that's a long shot
11 days
I was all in until that last little part
10 days
LSU will surprise a lot of people this year. I say this because their no longer handicapped by a lousy coach with an ancient scheme. Geaux Tigers!
Reply11 days
Perfect! Now with lowered expectations LSU can relax and win it all!
Reply11 days
You are fake news.
Reply11 days
UGA ranked too high. This poll loses credibility instantly placing UGA at #3 overall.
Reply11 days
Bulletin Board material for Coach O. Nobody believes in him or his ability to win. Prove the haters, both LSU fans and the rest of the country, wrong!
Reply11 days
Lets just buckle it down, lace em up, and play some tiger football. Coach O is going to bring a whole new style of team out onto the field for LSU. I cannot frickin wait. Geaux tigers!
Reply11 days
Yes let's go do that. I'm ready to play.
9 days
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